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Yara Pina is visual artist and librarian. She has a degree in Library Science and Visual Arts at the Universidade Federal de Goiás. She is interested in investigating different social and historical contexts, exploring the traces of the memory of violence and its inscriptions on violated and absent bodies. In her actions, she moves between presence and absence  leaving in physical space only traces of the passage of her body in confrontation with other "bodies". She currently lives and works in Goiânia.

​|Selected exhibitions and residences|: Pivô Pesquisa, Cycle III Beck's, Pivô, SP, 2020; Mother, I see my self in your eyes (Laundromat Art Space, 2019 / Concrete Art Space, Florida, 2019, USA); Frestas Triennial of Arts, Between post-truths and events (SESC Sorocaba, SP, 2017); Performatus 2, What is the light of our time we discern in the dark (SESC Santos, 2017); Das Virgens em Cardumes e da Cor das Auras (Museu Bispo do Rosário Contemporary Art, Rio de Janeiro, 2016); International Biennale Desde Aquí (Bucaramanga, COL, 2014); Open Sessions (Drawing Center, New York, 2014-2015); Act + Object + Exchange (Drawing Center, New York, 2014); Name it by trying to name it (Drawing Center, New York, 2015); A Bela Morte: confrontations with still life in the 21st century (Art Museum of Rio Grande do Sul, Porto Alegre, RS); Arte Pará 2012 (Historical Museum of the State of Pará, Belém, 2012). |Awards|: Salão de Abril de Fortaleza (Fortaleza, 2012, BR); FID Prize 2017 (Foire Internationale du Dessin, Paris, FR, 2016) |Public collections|:  Rio Grande do Sul Art Museum, (Porto Alegre, RS); Cultural Center of the Federal University of Goiás (Goiânia, GO); Museum of Plastic Arts of Anápolis (Anápolis, GO)

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