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Yara Pina
Outraged bodies, 2021,
black plastic bags folded like the national flag in
funeral honors rendered to Brazilian state authorities
8 m


Corpos incorruptos, Outraged Bodies focuses on victims of State violence who have not yet had the right to mourn, burial and memory. Bodies whose remains are abandoned in a precarious, inhumane situation, without any identification by the State and the recognition of their families. Based on the lack of right of families to mourn and bury their dead who were victims of violence and neglect by the State, the installation starts from a ritual present in funeral honors rendered to public authorities, the fold of the national flag that is given to families before burial , to highlight the outrages that encompass the bodies of individuals that were discarded, abandoned, in the shallow graves of public cemeteries, in ossuaries, in common graves and clandestine cemeteries.

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