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Yara Pina

Names without bodies (2021)

shadow beaten with shovel and covered with ashes

from the names of missing persons  in Brazil

traces of action

The action Nomes sem corpos, Names without bodies, deals with the processes of disappearance, destruction and concealment of bodies, as a strategy of war, repression, extermination, punishment and territorial power. Such practices that were used as a method of repression by the Military Dictatorship continue to be, today, perpetrated by police officers, militiamen, extermination groups and drug traffickers. Victims who disappear without a trace after being kidnapped, tortured and executed, as a way of erasing the traces of their identities, histories and the causes of their deaths. During the action I attack my shadow with a shovel, focusing mainly on the face, to leave marks that will later be covered with the ashes of the names of missing people in Brazil.

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